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    So is the S&G factory tour just on Monday and Tuesday? Would be nice if it was available all week for those of us that won't arrive till later in the week. Matt

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    I had classes both Monday and Tuesday so I could not make them. I also had doubled a class on Friday so was told there was a tour on Friday. Got to the desk about 8 and no one knew what I was talking about. They made some fast calling and found out that, yes there was a tour but I had to get there myself. Bummer...
    I made a call to my friends at Time Master. They sent someone to get me and then took me out to S&G. " I can not say enough about Time Master. Thanks. "
    I got there 15 min late but they fire walled the paper work and still got me into the tour.

    Thank You S&G from our side of the pound.

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