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David DeWees

Pre-Punched 6730

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Opened an S&G 6730 on a teller compartment today: mounted LH, 1/2 inch steel door just big enough for a cash drawer. Customer informed me that it had been "drilled" just a month ago. I found the repaired hole on the side of the unit where the lock had been punched to open (at least this guy did not use the 1/2 inch hole through the front that someone around town has been trying).

Customer also informed me that it must be the last number not correct so I dutifully walked the last number. It did not open, surprisingly. I started running through incorrect turns when i suddenly felt no drop in. Checked for play in the door as I was sure that it had it previously.

Dialed the correct number and rapped it with my deadblow--open.
The lock and lever looked undamaged except for the scar on the lockbolt. The other tech had apparently nicely placed the lever at drop in. It dialed and opened again easily--I sold them a new 6730 without really giving any opportunity for argument.

I touched it last; we were not coming back for free when it failed again. I was taught that if you did punch one, you replaced it. You have saved the customer money on a new dial but everyone involved requires the lock to be reliable.
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