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    Default 2012 Harry C. Miller Manipulation Comp.

    Greetings all,
    This e-mail is primarily for Mike Potter (and I've p.m.'d him too) but I wanted to post it here for anyone else to weigh in on if they so desired...

    I wanted to touch base with you about the upcoming competition:
    1) I'm willing to help out again this year in any way that I can.
    I'll be there early to help set up locks, set combos, whatever--just let me know.
    2) I still feel pretty strongly that the "open one lock, win the competition" thing is wrong.
    I understand about time constraints etc. however I propose this for a fair solution:

    Whomever opens the most locks wins. If there is a tie for the number of locks, then it comes down to combined times.

    This is easy, straighforward, time sensitive and (I believe) a better representation of a good manipulator.
    Please let me know what you think.
    Look forward to talking with you.
    Scott Gray CMS, CPS
    Tomac Safe & File Services Inc.
    ph: 800.898.4198
    fax: 416.638.9934

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    That sounds fair to me Scott, but it's really Mike's call. The only problem I see with it is that there may be some that will spend all their show time trying to get that second or third lock open and miss the show.
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    Hi Scott!!

    I really don't want to change anything right now, I've tweaked this competition and most of the problems I inherited have been eliminated...I've looked over rules from the past years and how they have changed....One interesting note from the original competition from when lockmasters still owned Savta...Once you posted a time if you chose to attempt another lock you lost any prior postings regardless if you were successful or not. ....I only wish you had been around several years ago you would understand the pissing contests and whining I've had to listen to....Finally the past few years I've simply replied "Take the competition over and do whatever you want".

    Allot of thought from from many different angles came into play when I made the last changes including Time consideration when a one day show was implemented, getting more people hanging around the show floor and the fact that there had not been a first, second, and third place in either category since the last proctor re-wrote the rules(if i recall correctly) , The contest was loosing it's "ZING" so I came up with a strategy to get the competition back to a "Head To Head" type contest....

    Anyone is welcome to take over and make any changes they feel needed, For now, if it's not broke lets not fix it!

    Sorry...I know this isn't the answer you wanted....

    I always appreciate your assistance....

    See you at the beach....

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