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Reginald Eymard

La Guad 2200

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I am looking for instructions on how to change the combination on this dial.
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  1. Ken Doyle -
    Ken Doyle's Avatar
    OK, here's the step-by-step instructions:
    1. Learn to spell the name (this will help in step 2) of the products you sell and service.
    2. Go to and type in the name La Gard into the SEARCH box.
    3. Visit the sites that result until you find the Kaba-Mas La Gard site.
    4. Look through the site (or do a site search) until you find where they store the product instruction PDFs.
    5. Download the product instruction PDF for the 2200 lock.

    Not sure any of the above will help you because... the 2200 does NOT have a dial!

    Hope this helps.

    PS: I actually just tried to provide you with the direct link to the PDF in my reply, but I got an error message about the link being inappropriate, but it took me right to the PDF when I clicked on it, so... ???

    Blogs are all about sharing and expressing opinions, not asking questions. The best way to get a question answered is to go to the technical forum pages and ask your question in the appropriate forum.

    Ken Doyle
    Updated 08-30-11 at 11:23 AM by Ken Doyle (Add link, but NO GO!)
  2. Jord Knaap -
    Jord Knaap's Avatar
    Found a nice manual for you,

  3. Jord Knaap -
    Jord Knaap's Avatar

    I found a nice manual fo you on the 2200 from La-Gard
    hope this help??