View Full Version : 2011 Convention

Scott Gray
04-04-11, 11:32 AM
Hi Everybody,
Just wanted to post a quick note of thanks to all the SAVTA staff and folks who made the convention possible.
I had a fantastic and educational time (as always).
Looking forward to Myrtle Beach.:cool:
Thanks again all,

Joseph Cortie
04-04-11, 02:18 PM
Enjoyed seeing you there,Scott. Thanks for your support.

Michael Potter
04-05-11, 06:31 AM
Hi Scott.....Great to see you again!!!

Great job and congratulations....Scott is the First Place winner in this years manipulation contest!!!

Thanks again for your help!!!


Bruce Burby
04-16-11, 01:06 AM
A BIG thanks from Norway to the SAVTA staff for a job well done.

Hope to see you on the beach.

Bruce :cool: